Montag, Juli 18, 2016

... in five minutes - Elisabeth Elo

Place of birth:
Los Angeles, California. 
Are you a morning person or a late riser?
Ideally I'm an 8 AM riser. But I usually don't get to sleep that long. 
Favourite TV Series / or film?
I'm watching the TV series, the good wife, and loving it. I also really liked the Swedish version of Wallander. 

Your idol?
My Idol is the Irish writer Edna O'Brien, who writes the most beautiful prose I've ever read. I also really like the English writer Edward St Aubyn, whose precise style and bitter, sardonic humor are truly priceless. 
When did you start writing?
I started writing fiction early 30s after doing a lot of other things. 
Is there something that you would like to learn?
I'm really interested in neuroscience. If I had to go back to school, I might become a neuroscientist. If not that, then an architect or designer. 
Is your desk tidy or reigns there a chaos?
My desk is very tidy

Do you have pets?
I have a dog named Freddie, who is very untidy. 
With whom would you like to go for dinner once (living or deceased / real or fictitious person)?
I would love to have dinner with William Shakespeare, but I would probably be too awestruck to say anything. 
What is your zodiac sign?
I'm a Scorpio 
Do you have a favorite word?
my favorite word is serendipity. 
Your favourite colour?
I have two favorite colors: teal and magenta. 
What three things would you take to a desert island?
The three things I would bring to a desert island are the collected works of William Shakespeare, a baby grand piano with instructions on how to play improvisational jazz, and a very large chest crammed with all the latest camping equipment. 

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