Samstag, Juli 16, 2016

... in five minutes - Roger Smith

Place of your birth? 

Are you a morning person or a late riser?

Favourite TV Series / or film?
Breaking Bad. Better Call Saul. Mad Men.

When did you start writing?
When I was a kid.

Food / drink you like most?
Dark chocolate.
Who or what inspires you?
Funny people.

Is there something that you would like to learn?

Your favorite place?

What is your favorite genre in music?

Is your desk tidy or reigns there a chaos?
Depends on the day of the week.

Do you have pets?

Do you have a vice / guilty pleasure ?
Binge watching TV.

Besides writing, what else would be your dream job?
Craps dealer in Vegas.

With whom would you like to go for dinner once (living or deceased / real or fictitious person)? Lenny Bruce.
What is your zodiac sign?

Do you have a favorite word?
Yes, but I can’t write it here.

Your favourite colour?

Which book are you reading at the moment?
The Information Martin Amis

The following books are available in German: