Freitag, Juli 22, 2016

... in five minutes - Luana Lewis

Place of your birth?
Harare, Zimbabwe
Are you a morning person or a late riser?
A bit of both
Favourite TV Series / or film?
The Killing (Danish version)
Your idol?
I have so many…Charles Dickens for storytelling, Charles Bukowski for voice, Bishop Tutu for kindness
When did you start writing?
I used to love making up stories at school, but I only came back to it seriously when I turned 40.
Food / drink you like most?
Coffee, Sushi & Chocolate
Who or what inspires you?
Nelson Mandela, a teacher in how to be human
Is there something that you would like to learn?
I’d love to be fluent in Italian
Your favorite place?
What is your favorite genre in music?
Jazz standards
Is your desk tidy or reigns there a chaos?
I tidy it every morning but by evening chaos is usually winning once again
Do you have pets?
Too many. A border terrier and two cats. 
Do you have a vice / guilty pleasure?
Cheesy pop songs
Favorite town or favorite country?
Italy – anywhere
Besides writing, what else would be your dream job?
I would have loved to have been a journalist, if I could go back in time, that’s where I would start out
With whom would you like to go for dinner once (living or deceased / real or fictitious person)?
If I could, I would love to have one more dinner with my late grandmother and to say a proper goodbye
What is your zodiac sign?
Do you have a favorite word?
Your favourite colour?
Which book are you reading at the moment?
The Glorious Heresies by Lisa McInerney
What three things would you take to a desert island?
My dog, my Kindle and a lot of chocolate

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